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How to Donate Robux? Robux is a virtual currency for the Roblox. Roblox is an online gaming platform where you can play unlimited games and also can create games with your own creativity. For this, you need to have the Robux currency. A Single-player or the multiplayer can use the Roblox platform to play the games. Roblox has also given the option to donate Robux currency for your friends.

Roblox is a popular gaming platform, it has around 90 million users. As we know that to play the Roblox games you need to have the Robux currency. You can earn free Robux by using different methods like Robux generators, subscribing to the newsletters, etc. You can also earn the Robux currency by selling your creativity on Roblox i.e, by selling clothing related stuff like T-shirts, caps and many more.

How to Donate Robux
How to Donate Robux With Friends on Roblox

To help your co-player or your friend to continue playing the game you can donate your Reboux. You can also earn the Reboux from your friends when they donated to you and you. There are a few ways for donating Reboux for your friends. Here we will discuss the methods to donate Reboux to your friends. So read the complete article to know how to donate Reboux.

3 Ways to Donate Robux

Always follow the systematic way to donate or purchase the Reboux, This will keep you safe from scammers. If you are interested in donating Robux for your friend, you can donate it in 3 methods. Let us now discuss one by one in detail.

  1. Donate Robux To A Builder’s Club Member
  2. Donate Robux For Non-Builder’s Club Member
  3. Create Gaming Pass

Chose any of the ways and help your friend to gain some amount of Robux virtual currency to continue enjoying the Roblox games.

Donating the Robux to your Builder’s Club friend is so simple. All you have to do is ask your friend to sell the clothing stuff such as caps, T-shirts and other items. To help your friend just buy the item from your BC friend. If you purchased an item from your friend, she/he will receive a 70% profit on the item sold in the form of a Robux currency. Remember that there is no other way to donate Robux for your Builder’s Club friend.

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Even if your friend is not a Builder’s Club Member, you can donate the Robux. But this a little bit difficult process when compared to donating Robux for a Builder’s Club Member. You can’t buy any product from your non Builder’s Club Member friend directly, a third person should involve in this process.

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To donate Robux currency for the non-BC members, you need to ask your group admin to add your friend to whom you want to help. After that, you need to sell some clothing-related items and ask the admin to transfer the profit to your friend’s Reboux account.

Create Gaming Pass

You can also donate the Robux by selling the game passes. To sell the passes first you need to create the game using your own ideology, then create some passes and ask the other gamers to purchase your Roblox game passes. This is a somewhat tricky process compared to other ways to donate the Robux.

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It is suggestable to sell t-shirts, caps or any other clothing-related items for a non-BC member or to buy these products from your BC member to Donate Robux. If you like the information share it with your friend and on all social networking sites. Follow us on free robux for more informative articles on Robux. Feel free to share your feedback and doubts in the comment box below.

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