Roblox Four Sure Ways To Get Free Robux

Roblox four sure ways to get free Robux: Having virtual money in the popular platform game is a great advantage to enjoy more and better each of the games. Here’s a way to get it without spending real money.

Roblox is one of the most successful games in the world and its virtual currency, the robux, is obtained in exchange for real money. Although you can also get free robux, and here we are going to tell you how. It is known that one of the great attractions of the game is the customization of your roblox, through styles, accessories and more. All that can be taken to another level if you can accumulate robux and thus buy everything you want in the game.

Four Sure Ways To Get Free Robux

The first thing to know when it comes to getting robux is that the Robux generators that are promoted on various websites are a scam. The only real way to get robux is within the game and in a 100% legal way. There are some apps that, with time and work, will end up giving you robux, but the best thing is to stay within the platform.

How to Get Free Robux on Roblox

There are four absolutely free and legal ways to get robux within Roblox. Almost all of these are more efficient if you are a Roblox Premium subscriber, but even if you are not, some also work. They are alternatives offered by the Roblox developers themselves and that involves zero risks. The only requirement when it comes to sales is that you have created your own game.

1 – Sell Objects

This is the only alternative that requires yes or yes of Roblox Premium. Through the subscription, you will be able to have access to the Builders Club, which is basically a centre where you can make your own clothes, with the styles and accessories you want. How to get the Robux? Those same garments that you made, you have to upload them to Roblox in the “Create” menu, and from there, by clicking on “sell this item” you will be able to put them on sale in the price range you want.

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2 – Selling Game Passes

Game Passes grant players special benefits and abilities in games, such as increased speed, more strength, or special items. To get them, you first have to create your own game and, from there, make specific Game Passes for that game, with the skill bonus of your choice. Once this is done, those Game Passes can be sold at whatever price you want. If you are a Roblox Premium subscriber, 70% of the profit is yours; if not, only 10%.

Selling Game Passes

3 – Sell Game Access

As with Game Passes, to sell Game Access you will first have to have your own game created. Basically, what you sell is an entry fee for your game: that is, to play your creation, users will have to pay.

While it is a good way to earn robux, the truth is that your game has to be good enough that people want to pay to play it. With a price range that can go from 25 to 1,000 robux, as with Game Passes, the profit is 70% for those who have Premium Roblox and 10% for those who do not.

4 – Redeem Codes

The easiest and least cumbersome way to get free robux. However, it will not depend exclusively on you and will happen very infrequently. These codes are officially granted only by Roblox, and they do it on special occasions, usually to celebrate an achievement of the game or for the sponsorship of a brand. When this happens, you will only have to copy the code (promo codes) and redeem it on the Roblox page.

What is Roblox Premium, another way to get robux

Roblox Premium is a membership offered by Roblox that grants a series of benefits, including robux every month, according to the plan you choose. As you can see in the image, for $ 5 a month you can get 450 robux; for $ 10, 1,000 robux; and for $ 20,2,200 robux.

But that is not the only benefit, since you will always have a 10% bonus on the purchase of the virtual currency and, as explained above, you will have higher profits when participating in the sale of objects, passes or accesses.

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