Roblox Plans Concerts and Music Festivals For Its Platform

Roblox plans concerts and music festivals for its platform: After a first successful experience, the popular online game aims to organize exclusive events for its users.

Roblox is a resounding success among children and adolescents and little by little it becomes more than a catalog of virtual games and projects created by users. In addition to being a meeting place for the little ones, it will now seek to provide its players with other types of experiences: the idea is to organize exclusive concerts and music festivals so that they can be seen live on the platform.

Roblox Plans Concerts and Music Festivals

The objective is to generate virtual spaces where there are more than games to share and thus continue to grow in this innovative concept, a mix of social network and gaming platform. In a talk with The Verge, Jon Vlassopulos, the head of Music at Roblox, explained: “The long-term goal is to go to non-obvious places, where we can make virtual experiences even better than real ones.”

The trend that had in Fortnite one of its precursors, with live recitals, Roblox has already tried since it was one of the sponsors of the One World: Together at the Home charity concert, organized by Global Citizen and the World Organization of the Cheers, and then she did one exclusively for her platform: pop star Ava Max held a virtual recital to celebrate the release of her album Heaven & Hell.

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The success of that first experience, in which his di lei avatar di lei, with 3D themed decoration and a stage for the occasion, was total, with 1,156,000 people who saw the show and a peak of 166,620 spectators simultaneously.

“If we do concerts in the future, they will be even more real. Our notion of a virtual concert has to be with a virtuous artist, a virtual stage, a virtual audience,” said Vlassopulos, who even left open the possibility that there is a concept behind the scene, where users could access exclusive material.

What is Roblox?

And if you wonder what this phenomenon is about that has captive kids around the world and that now thinks to add 3D virtual experiences such as recitals, Roblox is a compatible digital platform for Xbox, PC and mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

In which millions of users participate online in games created by the community itself, all of the multiplayer and aimed at children and adolescents. Adventures, creativity, construction, sports and many things you can imagine so that the boys can have fun with their friends. Stay in touch with freerobux app and get the latest updates here.

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